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CleanKitchen Set

A brilliant trio. Set includes:

MicroCloth Hyclean
Ceramic and stainless steel cooktop cleaner 250ml
OvenClean 500ml
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MicroCloth Hyclean – Anti-bacterial all-purpose cloth made from extremely heavy duty woven microfibers.
• More absorbent than cotton
• Remains soft and fresh even when wet.
• Special silver ions in the fibers prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
• Can be used wet or dry.

Ceramic and stainless steel cooktop cleaner Fine grain cream-cleaner, gently cleans ceramic glass (Miele induction cooktops) and stainless steel surfaces.
• Removes stubborn and burnt-on grease.
• Fine crystal formula for gentle cleaning without affecting the surface.
• Deposits a protective film on the surface to facilitate subsequent cleaning.
• No micro plastics.
• Perfect results in combination with the microfiber cloth

OvenClean Ultra-strong cleaning power without the disturbing smell.
• Odourless formula.
• Removes greasy and burnt-on deposits.
• Cuts through tough, baked-on food and grime without the need for scrubbing.
• Gel-like consistency for simple cleaning
• Short exposure time between 10-40mins
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