1. Why are we running a warranty promotion?
a. We are pleased to announce a new value added offer to provide some additional peace of mind to our consumers.

2. What is the total warranty period?
a. The warranty applies for 5 years upon delivery.

3. When does the promotion run?
a. 15th May - 30 June 2024. If customers wish to take advantage of this promotion, all orders must strictly be placed during the promotional period.

4. Who is the promotion available to?
a. The promotion is available to all customers purchasing through retail channels.

5. What are the inclusions?
a. New boxed stock of Built-In Coffee Machines, CombiSets, Cooktops, Ovens, Rangehoods, Steam Ovens, Warming Drawers, Refrigeration, Dishwashers, FashionMaster, Tumble Dryers and Washing Machines.

6. What are the exclusions?
a. Staff, Family and MCA staff purchases, Vacuums cleaners, benchtop coffee machines, ProSeries, Projects/commercial orders (i.e. multi-unit or other developments), Outlet, Clearance and B-Stock, run-out models, seconds, accessories and care, spare parts, ex-display and any service items. Any product not listed in the inclusions in Item 5 above shall be deemed excluded from this offer.

7. How is the warranty applied to the order and what record do I receive? Is it automatic?
a. When the order is confirmed, a 5 year warranty will be automatically added to the order for each product. This will be automatic for orders placed in Australia and will be reflected on the customer invoice as their confirmation.

8. What record of the warranty will the customer receive and how?
a. When the order is confirmed a 5 year warranty item will be added to the order and printed on your order confirmation. Customers whom purchase in-store and supply an email address will also be emailed an order confirmation with these details on them. When the order is delivered you will be provided an invoice which will show the products you have purchased including the 5 year warranty item.

9. Is there monetary value associated with the 5 year warranty?
a. No, there is no monetary value associated with the warranty. This offer provides intangible value including peace of mind and a guarantee that our customer's can be assured of.

10. Do customers have to take delivery of the order by a certain date?
a. As per standard terms and conditions, all orders must be paid for and delivered within 365 days (12 months) of order placement.

11. Will the 5-year warranty still apply if I move country and take my appliance?
a. Only for Australia otherwise no, due to certification/compliance requirements.

12. Will the 5-year warranty still apply if I later sell the appliance to someone?
a. Yes, so long as the buyer instals the appliance in New Zealand or Australia.

13. Is there a limit on the amount of appliances?
a. No, as long as the order includes eligible models through Miele online shop or Miele retail channels there is no limit. All exclusions apply as per terms and conditions.

14. If the product is replaced or repaired, is there a cost to the me?
a. No, there is no cost to the customer provided the appliance is used in accordance with the operating instructions.

15. Does the warranty cover all manufacturing faults?
a. As long as the appliance has been used in accordance with the operating instructions, then yes, the warranty covers all manufacturing faults.

16. Are faults caused by installations covered?
a. Installation faults or damage should be referred back to the installer.

17. I have placed an order before the promotion and it hasn’t been delivered, can I change my order to include a 5-year warranty?
a. No, only orders placed from 15th May to 30 June 2024 are eligible for this offer. This is the same as any other promotion.

18. Is there a cancellation fee if a customer would like to change their order to receive this promotion?
a. Yes, if you cancel your existing order a cancellation fee will be applied. This is the same as any other promotion.

When a product is out of stock and you would like to know when it is available again, please email our Customer Care Centre at sales@miele.co.nz, alternatively you can call the Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353.
Miele will distribute the product/s to any location within New Zealand as specified in the order confirmation. A delivery charge of $12 will apply to any Miele Online Shop order under $95. Online orders over $95 will be despatched free of charge. Please allow 4-5 working days for delivery, add 2 working days for delivery outside metropolitan areas.

A $65 delivery fee will apply to all non-metropolitan major domestic appliance orders and these deliveries will be a door to door, street level service. 

For full shipping terms and conditions, please view the Shipping Information terms and conditions.
1) Miele offers an online subscription (auto-delivery) service via the shop.miele.com.au website on selected Miele consumables products. As a registered online shop Miele customer you now have the option to set-up a recurring online subscription via your shopping cart.

2) Your subscription order items will be delivered in two stages. The initial item will be delivered as per normal delivery times, usually within 7 days. Then your 1st subscription order for this item/s will be delivered as per the recurrence date you have nominated in the shopping cart when you set-up your auto-delivery date.
Yes. To set-up a subscription you will need to be a registered customer and either Create an Account, or sign in to your online shop account. Note, your login details for the online shop account may be different to other Miele accounts you have. i.e. Miele for Life website login does not access the Miele online shop.
1) Create or Sign in to your Miele online shop account
2) Locate the product you wish to subscribe to & click ADD TO CART button. Note only selected Miele products are subscribable. *TIP: Take note of the suggested recurrence frequency for the product on the product page.
3) Within your Shopping Cart click the Subscribe checkbox located below the product you wish to subscribe to.
4) Select your preferred subscription frequency, ie. 4 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8 months in the dropdown box. Note the Start Date is automatically calculated based on the subscription frequency selected and click SAVE.
5) Your selected subscription recurrence frequency and the start date of your subscription order will then be displayed below the “Subscribe” checkbox.
6) Enter your postcode (if missing) in the postcode field in the shopping cart
7) Read the Subscription Terms & Conditions and tick the “I agree to the Subscription Terms & Conditions” checkbox.
8) Details of your subscription total, and any recurring shipping costs will be displayed in the Order Summary box
9) Click the CHECKOUT button to complete your order.
1) You will receive your item/s within approximately 3-7 business days from when the subscription order is shipped.

2) You will receive an email from Miele a few days prior to your subscription item/s being shipped to you, based on the recurrence date you have selected.

Yes, if your credit card is due to expire or you wish to change your current payment method go to:

My Account>Subscriptions. Find the subscription you wish to edit, click View Details then on the Subscription Details page scroll down to Payment Method.

Click the Pencil icon to edit your Payment Method. An email will be automatically sent to your registered email address with a secure link to update your payment method. Once you receive this email simply follow the prompts. 

Editing your Payment Method will deactivate your current subscription. You will receive prompts to start a new subscription and set up a new payment method.

If you do not update your details, your credit card has expired or has insufficient funds at the time your next subscription order is due to be created in our system, your subscription order will be automatically deactivated and your order will not be processed.

Yes, you will receive an email 5 days before your next subscription order is due to be created. You will also receive an order confirmation email for all subscription orders sent to you via the Miele online shop.
You can do this all online via the Miele online shop. To check, change, pause or cancel your subscription order, sign-in to your online shop account, then go My Account>Subscriptions>View Details.
Yes, you can easily edit your SHIPPING DETAILS via My Account>Subscriptions to change where you wish your next subscription order to be shipped.
1) Yes. Simply, sign-in to your online shop account, then go My Account>Subscriptions.
2) Find the subscription order you wish to edit, and click View Details located next to the order total
3) Check the Subscription Status is “Active”
4) To pause or cancel your subscription, simply click the DEACTIVATE button, located top right of your Subscriptions Details page.
5) To confirm, click DEACTIVATE again in the Deactivate Subscription pop-up and click OK.
6) Your Subscription Status will then change to: Inactive
1) Sign-in to your online shop account, then go to My Account>Subscriptions
2) Find the subscription order you wish to reactivate and click Details located next to the order total.
3) This will take you to your Subscription Details page.
4) Click the ACTIVATE button, located top right of your screen, and click OK.
5) Your Subscription Status will change to “Active”

If you chose to edit the "End Date" of your subscription plan to pause your subscription service, simply remove the End Date and select a new recurrance start date to restart your subscription service.
No. For mixed shopping carts with several items, you must select the same recurrence frequency for each subscribable product in your shopping cart.

To set-up different subscription recurring order frequencies for multiple products you need to set-up individual subscriptions for each product, with the desired frequency for each product, if they are different to the recommended frequency shown on the product page.
1) Yes. Sign-in to your online shop account, then go to My Account>Subscriptions
2) Find the subscription order you wish to edit and click Details located next to the order total.
3) Click the pencil icon in the Subscription box
4) In the Recurrence dropdown menu, select the new recurrence frequency that suits you best
5) In the Start Date field chose the new start date for the new auto-delivery date.
6) Click the “I agree to the Subscription Terms & Conditions” checkbox and click SAVE.

Currently the service is available for PowerDisk 6 Months Supply, UltraPhase 6 Months Supply 8 months supply of UltraTabs and 7 months supply of Ultracolor 1.5L x 6 Pack. Miele will introduce more cleaning and care products to the Care to You subscription service over time. All Miele subscription products can be found HERE

Your promotion code can be located on the promotion voucher you received either with your order or from your Miele delivery driver.

The promotion code will consist of letters and numbers and must be entered into the online shop cart exactly as written on your voucher.

If you are having any issues with entering your voucher code or the code is not working correctly, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353 or email mieleshop@miele.co.nz.

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery, please add an additional 2 working days for delivery outside metropolitan areas. If your delivery has not arrived within this timeframe, please email mieleshop@miele.co.nz or call our Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353.

If an appliance delivery has not arrived within the allocated/agreed timeframe, please contact the Miele Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353.


Please call the Miele National Customer Contact Centre on 0800 464 353 so that you returns claim can be assessed.
To change your delivery address after you have placed your order online, please call our Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353. Unfortunately, we may not be able to change your address details if your product has already been dispatched from our warehouse facilities.

If you have moved and would like to update your details, simply log into your account, click on your profile settings and edit your address under 'Addresses'.

If you are having trouble making any amendments, please call our Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353 or email mieleshop@miele.co.nz.

For more information on Miele's product range, company and contact details please visit www.miele.co.nz or telephone our Miele Customer Care Centre on 0800 464 353.