Vacuum Cleaners

There’s more to finding the right vacuum than you may think.

Staying ahead of the grit, dust, and lint is imperative to maintaining a happy and healthy home. With a wide range of vacuum cleaners to suit a host of different surfaces, it's important to choose the right one that works for you and your space. So find your perfect match with Miele.


The classic all-rounder, all bagged up.

The classic barrel shape follows you easily through the room allowing you to comfortably vacuum large areas. The Miele dustbags lock firmly in place and the auto closure ensures no dust escapes when replacing. Miele makes home hygiene even easier.

Classic comfort without the baggage.

Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners offer all the manoeuvrability of a classic barrel shape, but without need for dustbags. Containers are emptied completely through the bottom of the unit with minimal dust for the highest level of hygiene.


Perfect accessories made for Miele vacuum cleaners.

Genuine Miele vacuum cleaner accessories are specially designed for your Miele vacuum cleaner. They promote optimum airflow, making them a key factor contributing to the maximum cleaning performance of your appliance. Designed to withstand our most stringent tests for durability, longevity and gentle cleaning, ensures a long service life not just for your vacuum cleaner but for your floors and furniture too. Purchase your Miele vacuum online with free delivery for orders over $95 for metro areas.