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Short Description60 cm wide oven with Advanced Moisture Plus for exceptional cooking results. Also includes 3 pyrolytic cleaning programmes to simplify cleaning in a obsidian black finish.Combining style with Miele quality and reliability,  enjoy gentle care for your garments with the Miele Honeycomb drum, convenience of 12 wash programmes, ease of use with AddLaundry and minimise ironing time with Pre-ironing, plus PowerWash for fast laundry results in 49 minutes.for perfect cleaning results with combination steam ovens.

Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU104560301140724010172760
Specific AttributesHandleless: Yes
Display: Full touch DirectSensor controls
Litre Capacity: 76 l
Moisture Plus: Yes
Pyrolytic Cleaning Programme: Yes
Width: 60 cm