PDR908 HP 8KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

With very low energy consumption and short running times. Load capacity 8.0 kg.
$ 7,192.00
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PDR908 HP 8KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
85cm (h) x 59.6cm (w) x 72.7cm (d)

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Model Overview

  • 10A power supply, plug top included
  • 7 star energy rating
  • 8 kg Honeycomb drum
  • Short cycle times: dry a full load in 79 minutes
  • Designed for drying up to 6 loads per day
  • High-performance programme packages to cater for application-specific items such as home textiles, bedding and pillows
  • Energy-saving heat-pump system
  • PerfectDry for precise drying thanks to mineral sensors
  • Perfect anti-crease action to effectively prevent creasing
  • Delay start and countdown indicator for well-planned laundry care
  • LED drum lighting to illuminate the drum
  • WifiConn@ct for status updates and optimium workflow
  • Stackable design
Uniform drying results
Intelligent dryers
Uniform drying results
Gentle and uniform drying thanks to intelligent technology.
Quick and efficient
Short programme cycles
Quick and efficient
Premium commercial technology allows you to benefit from the shortest programme cycles.
Exclusive to Miele
PerfectDry system
Perfect drying results
On the basis of a constant residual moisture measurement, the PerfectDry system perfectly dried garments.
Outstanding drying results
Axial airflow
Outstanding drying results
For perfect drying results, air is passed through the drum according to the principle of longitudinal air flow.
Minimal energy consumption
Energy-saving heat-pump system*
Minimal energy consumption
Approx. 50 % reduction in energy consumption thanks to pioneering heat-pump technology.
Economical and efficient
Low consumption rates
Economical and efficient
Economical and efficient: laundry machines from Miele Professional boast exceptionally low consumption values.
More capacity for the best results
Large capacity
More capacity for the best results
The large-capacity drum ensures perfect drying results even with large loads.
Effective and easy to clean
Exclusive to Miele
Convenient fluff filter*
Effective and easy to clean
Easy to access: the second fluff filter reliably captures fluff and is easy to clean.
Simple drainage of condensed water
Exclusive to Miele
Patented condensate drainage*
Simple drainage of condensed water
No emptying required: the condensed water can be drained directly via a hose.
Setting standards in modern user convenience
M Touch Flex control system
Setting standards in modern user convenience
Conveniently select drying programmes and machine functions with a fingertip via the clear-text touch display.
It's easy
The language can be selected easily at any time
It's easy
Quick and easy: it's easy to select a different language at any time during operation.
Well-planned laundry care
Delay start up to 24 hours
Well-planned laundry care
The programme start time can be pre-set up to 24 hours in advance for efficient planning.
High performance
Patented heat exchanger filtration system*
High performance
For easy cleaning: a low-maintenance filter system protects the heat exchanger from dust particles.
Greater flexibility
Programmable dryer controls
Greater flexibility
According to requirements: programmable controls enable perfect adaptation to suit individual needs.
Wash and dry on less than 0.5 m² of floor space
Washer-dryer stack
Wash and dry on less than 0.5 m² of floor space
Top performance on a small footprint: a washer-dryer stack takes up less than 0.5 m² of valuable floor space.
Convenience and efficiency in demanding situations
Connected for the future using LAN/Wi-Fi
Convenience and efficiency in demanding situations
Fully informed with a high-performance network connection.
Self-service operation
Payment system connection
Self-service operation
Optimum use in self-service areas is possible thanks to the connection for payment systems.
Gentle drying of fabrics
Special drying basket
Gentle drying of fabrics
The basket offers plenty of room for sports footwear as well as for delicate special and synthetic fabrics.
Automatic loosening
Perfect anti-crease action
Automatic loosening
The laundry is tumbled regularly after the end of the programme to protect it from creasing.
Gentle fabric care due to unique honeycomb pattern
Honeycomb drum
Gentle fabric care due to unique honeycomb pattern
Fewer creases, easy finishing process: laundry is dried very gently and evenly in the honeycomb drum.
The heat pump contains fluorinated greenhouse gases in a hermetically sealed system.
All accessories can be purchased as an option.
Patent: EP 1 186 697 B1
Patent: EP 1 186 697 B1
German patent: DE 10 2018 104 694 B3/European patent: EP2107155
German patent: DE 10 2018 104 694 B3 / European patent: EP2107155<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/>
European patent: EP2273005 
European patent: EP2273005 
Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given. See General Terms and Conditions in footer for additional details.
Heating type
Heat pump
Electrical connection
230V~ 50HZ
Electric drying class in kW
Total rated load in kW
Fuse rating in A
Splash-proof safety rating IPX4
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Payment system (optional)
Optical interface for service access
LAN/WiFi module (optional)
Intelligent drum reversal
Axial airflow
Fluff filter in the door
Low-maintenance heat exchanger filter system
SoftLift drum ribs
Gentle tumble function
Condensed water drainage
Communication slot
Drying basket (optional)
Drum lighting
Machine-independent accessories
Control system
M Touch Flex
User interface
Residual moisture controlled
Max. delay start in h
Time left display
Programme sequence indicator
Language can be selected easily at any time
External dimensions, height in mm
External dimensions, width in mm
External dimensions, depth in mm
External dimensions, gross height in mm
External dimensions, gross width in mm
External dimensions, gross depth in mm
Net weight in kg
Gross weight in kg
Maximum floor loading in N
Maximum evaporation capacity in l/hour
Specific energy consumption in kWh/kg
Specific energy consumption for Cottons/Normal drying programme with residual moisture at 48 % in kW
Specific energy consumption for mixed fibre fabrics/Normal drying programme with residual moisture at 40 % in kWh/kg
Programme duration in min.
Programme duration for Cottons/Normal drying programme with residual moisture at 48 % in minutes
Programme duration for mixed fibre fabrics/Normal drying programme with residual moisture at 40 % in minutes
Suitable for the hotel and catering industry
Suitable for aged care facilities
Suitable for facility management
Suitable for launderettes
Suitable for residential homes and apartments
Suitable for dry cleaners
Suitable for commercial laundries
Suitable for small businesses
Suitable for universities, nurseries and schools
Suitable for hospitals
Suitable for camp sites
Suitable for sports clubs
Suitable for beauty salons, spas and fitness centres
Suitable for doctors’ and dentists’ practices
Suitable for the petrochemicals industry
Suitable for the food-processing industry
Suitable for amusement parks & holiday complexes
Suitable for state/community care facilities
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases
Hermetically sealed system
Refrigerant quantity in kg
Refrigerant global warming potential in kg CO2e
Appliance global warming potential in kg CO2e
Construction type
Front-loader, stackable
Performance Plus
Stainless steel
Control panel colour
Stainless steel
Load in kg
Drum volume in l
Drying system
Heat pump
Door opening [Ø] in mm
Door opening angle in degrees
Door hinge
Stainless steel honeycomb drum
Emission sound pressure level in the workplace
70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat dissipation into the room in MJ/h


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