B 4847 FashionMaster Steam ironing system

Enjoy professional results from home with the FashionMaster. With the perfect combination of hand iron, steam generator, steam jet and ironing board, the FashionMaster Steam Ironing System makes ironing simpler, faster and more uniform than ever before.
  • Uniform steam distribution – Miele honeycomb soleplate
  • Professional results thanks to 4.0 bar steam pressure
  • Convenient and easy to set up/store – 1-2 lift system 
  • Top-class ironing results thanks to Active ironing board
  • Convenient smoothing of hanging textiles – Steamer
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B 4847 FashionMaster Steam ironing system
Protect your appliances for years to come. Extend your 2 year standard manufacturer warranty to 5 or 10 years.

970 x 470 x 1,480 mm (W x H x D)

1,280 x 470 x 370 mm (W x H x D) folded

1,200 x 400 mm ironing surface

Model Overview

  • 100% Cotton, Tanberry Red ironing board cover
  • Miele honeycomb soleplate distributes steam quickly and evenly over garments
  • Consistent steam output and 4 bar steam pressure deliver professional results
  • Active ironing board suction function holds textiles in place
  • Active ironing board inflation function to smooth but not press items
  • 1-2 Lift System for minimal effort in set up
  • Steam Jet to easily care for garments on hangers such as dresses and jackets
  • Perfect working height via infinite height adjustment (83 to 102cm)
  • Non-stick soleplate protects delicate fabrics, sequins and prints (and creates no shiny patches!)
  • Enables ironing of multi-layered items easily
  • ComfortZone enables entire front half of a shirt to be ironed without repositioning
  • Large water container (1.25L) for approx. one full hour of ironing
  • Storage compartments to store iron and accessories
  • Castors enable easy transport of the FashionMaster
  • Display keeps you informed about the appliance (eg. prompts when water container needs refilling)
  • CoolDown function switches appliance off after 3 minutes if not in use
  • AutoOff function switches appliance off when not in use for 15 minutes
  • Guided first time use for water hardness and language setting
  • Guided descaling for appliance care
  • Automatic rinsing for ease of use
A great feeling
AutoOff function
A great feeling
For peace of mind: when the iron or steamer are not used for a while, the entire appliance switches off.
Suction function for perfect smoothing
Extraction function
Suction function for perfect smoothing
The steam makes the difference
The steam makes the difference
More than just hot air: 4 bar steam pressure and 100 g/min constant steam for professional ironing results.
For difficult items
Non-stick soleplate
For difficult items
Perfect care: Sequins, prints, delicate fabrics and dark items are all ironed gently with no shiny patches.
Exclusive to Miele
Honeycomb structure soleplate*
Perfect results: steam from the honeycomb surface helps the iron glide smoothly and effectively over the laundry.
Ready for use again in no time
Steam Jet
Ready for use again in no time
Very handy: Hanging clothes such as dresses, jackets or curtains are gently smoothed and freshened-up.
Convenience functions for easier ironing
Active ironing table
Convenience functions for easier ironing
Best ironing results: Inflation and suction function ensures best use of steam and ideal positioning of clothing.
Gentler fabric care
Inflation function
Gentler fabric care
Virtually weightless: Air pockets allow the fabric to be smoothed but not pressed.
Storage compartments
All-in-one: everything can be tidied away in storage compartments for the iron and accessories.
Simple and convenient
Water tank
Simple and convenient
Long-lasting: the water container holds up to 1.25 litres – enough for a full hour of ironing.
Large ironing board
Comfort Zone
Large ironing board
Ironing in one go: iron the entire front of a shirt or blouse without re-positioning the yoke.
Reduces ironing
Ironing multi-layered items
Reduces ironing
Saves physical effort and time: multi-layered items can be ironed in a single process. Turn over? Not necessary!
Effective descaling based on water hardness
Exclusive to Miele
Guided descaling
Effective descaling based on water hardness
Longer service life due to ideal descaling: Fill the descaler, then a button starts the appliance automatically.
Exclusive to Miele
1-2 lift-system
Two easy steps to set up, requiring little or no effort at all! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented* 1-2 lift system.
Mobile and nimble
Mobile and nimble
Mobile and nimble: the FashionMaster can be transported easily and follows you wherever you want to go.
For consistent performance
Automatic rinsing
For consistent performance
Pure ironing joy: with the rinsing function, mineral residue from the evaporation process is removed.
Start-up made easy
Exclusive to Miele
Guided first use
Start-up made easy
Just start: During start-up, the appliance guides you safely through the selection menu for language and water hardness.
Information and support
Information and support
Information at a glance: The display informs you about the appliance status and reminds you to refill the water, for example.
Patent: EP 2 233 632
Patent: EP 2 169 108
With the exception of hepatitis B when using the iron (power level 3) on single-layer fabrics or steamer – if available in model. Tested by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University and awarded the silver label by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H). A description of the relevant methodology can be found at the following link: <lt/>a href="https://www.miele.com/fm-c"<gt/>https://www.miele.com/fm-c<lt/>/a<gt/>
Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given. See General Terms and Conditions in footer for additional details.
Honeycomb soleplate
Steam pressure in bar
Steam quantity in g/min
Vertical steam
Steam starting from temperature level
Steam burst
Continuous steam
Active ironing table (inflation and suction function)
Suction function
2-stage fan
Non-stick soleplate
Proven virus hygiene
Non-stick soleplate
Premium ironing table cover
Steam hose holder
Test strips for determining water hardness
Descaling tablets
Water container volume in l
Removable water container
Permanently refillable water container
Multi-layer ironing
Dimensions in mm (width)
Dimensions in mm (height)
Dimensions in mm (depth)
Dimensions in mm (width), folded
Dimensions in mm (height), folded
Dimensions in mm (depth), folded
Frequency in Hz
CoolDown function
AutoOff function
1-2 lift system
Variable height adjustment with gas pressure stay, in mm
Castors gentle on the floor
Ironing board with Comfort Zone
Fan safety switch-on/switch-off
Fan memory function
Choice of language
Guided first-time use
Guided descaling
Automatic descaling
Automatic rinsing
Storage compartment for iron
Storage compartment for mains cable and accessories
Iron colour
Anthracite/lotus white
Ironing board cover colour
Tayberry red
1-line text display
Available display languages through MultiLingua
deutsch, english (GB), français, norsk, srpski, yкраїнська, čeština, العربية, 中文, 繁體中文, 한국어, english (US), español, nederlands, polski, svenska, ελληνιкά, dansk, hrvatski, italiano, türkçe, 日本語, bahasa malaysia, english (AU), magyar, português, pусский, română, slovenčina, slovenščina, suomi
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