STB 101 Mini TurboBrush

Turbo Mini turbobrush for quick removal of hair and lint thanks to the powerful roller brush.
  • No separate connection, powered by current of air
  • Wide suction aperture (16 cm)
  • No longer sticks thanks to the air valve
  • Ideal for pet owners 
  • Compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners 
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STB 101 Mini TurboBrush

• The handheld STB 101 Mini TurboBrush is perfect for removing dirt, dust and pet hair from upholstery, clothing and car interiors
• Powered by the current of air, no separate connection is needed.
• Wide suction aperture (16 cm)
• No longer sticks to carpets thanks to the air valve

Turbobrushes: Thorough care for beautiful carpets
Turbobrushes: Thorough care for beautiful carpets
Simultaneous vacuuming & brushing releases dirt and hair. Ideal for pet owners with short-pile carpets.
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