CM 5300 Tayberry Red Benchtop Fresh Bean Coffee Machine

This benchtop coffee machine has a sleek finish with DirectSensor touch controls.
  • Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities – Cappuccinatore
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour – AromaticSystem
  • Fully automatic perfection – OneTouch for Two
  • Easy cleaning for care and maintenance – Cleaning programmes
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$ 1,599.00
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From cappuccino, espresso, ristretto to latte macchiato, the CM 5300 makes coffee exactly the way you like it - and it even does two at the same time, automatically at the touch of your fingertips!
  • DirectSensor controls with clear text display means it couldn't be easier to operate. 
  • OneTouch for two - prepare two coffee specialities at a time at a touch of a button.
  • Automatic rinsing makes cleaning a breeze and keeps manual maintenance to a minimum.
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