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Sportswear - 250ml

Perfect for breathable sportswear

  • Unpleasant smells are neutralised thanks to the odour absorber  
  • Cleans breathable sportswear and keeps colours bright
  • Retains the shape of the clothing, including fleeces
  • Highly effective — for 13 laundry loads
  • Simply perfect laundry care. With Miele.
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Miele detergent perfect for breathable sportswear, including fleece and breathable fabrics.

• Special Miele formulation – for optimum results in Miele washing machines.
• Achieves excellent stain removal and cleaning results even at lowest temperatures.
• Gentle on colours while retaining the characteristics of fleece and microfibre items.
• Integrated odour absorber helps to neutralise unpleasant smells.

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