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STB 205-3 TurboBrush floorhead

Turbobrush for quick removal of hair and fluff even from carpet that needs gentle care.
  • For easy and thorough cleaning of short-pile carpets
  • Does not stick to carpets thanks to the air valve
  • No separate connection, powered by current of air
  • Ideal for pet owners 
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•  The STB 205-3 TurboBrush floorhead loosens dirt and lifts hair off carpet with an air-powered rotating brush. The brushes self-adjust in height to varying carpet types.
• The STB 205-3 are suitable for S3xx, S2xxx, S4xxx, S5xxx, S6xxx and S8xxx Miele vacuum cleaner models.
• No longer sticks to carpets thanks to the air valve
• Powered by the current of air, no separate connection required.

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